The Passage Edge

We design and develop investment solutions recognized for long-term track records of low volatility, high returns, and consistency. Our systematic investment process is based on the scientific method of continuously developing and testing hypotheses as well as employing techniques such as machine learning to discover edges in global equity markets.

Our investment philosophy is based on growing and protecting our clients’ wealth regardless of the volatility of financial markets. We firmly believe the following principles will increase the probability of achieving investment success:

  • Focused Investing
    • We follow our high convictions rather than the herd. Our approach is grounded in the belief that well-researched and focused investment opportunities provide superior results over the long-term.
  • Margin of Safety
    • We strive to add value through careful selection of securities by purchasing when the market priceĀ is reasonably below its intrinsic value.
  • Risk Management
    • Our time-tested risk management system is implemented in a repetitive and disciplined manner to minimize portfolio risk across multiple dimensions.
  • Behavioral Finance
    • We apply the principles of behavioral finance to our systematic investment process by identifying and exploiting errors of human intuition and emotion as well as inefficiencies in the short to medium term.