Rather than traditional research analysts, Passage Global Capital Management employs data scientists and computer programmers to utilize methods such as advanced statistical analysis and machine learning to find and capitalize on market inefficiencies. We firmly believe in a systematic, quantitative approach in the interest of removing human biases in favor of a disciplined manner towards managing portfolio risk.

PASSAGE Smart Balance

Balanced Strategy

A systematic approach to balanced fund investing, this unique strategy aims to transform the classical tradition of investing in equities and fixed income.  A proprietary quantitative model is applied to tactically allocate among mid-to-large-cap U.S. equities and long-term U.S. Treasuries.  The portfolio is designed to dampen portfolio volatility and limit major drawdowns while still providing long-term growth.  

Passage Smart Balance Fact Sheet

PASSAGE Dividend Appreciation

Global Equity – Dividend Large-Cap Core

Passage Dividend Appreciation seeks to invest in the stocks of mid-to-large-cap companies with robust balance sheets, stable earnings, growing dividends, and a yield above a broad-market index in a disciplined and systematic manner. These companies are evaluated based on the strength of their financials, management prowess, and technical factors.

Passage Dividend Appreciation Fact Sheet

PASSAGE Index Plus

U.S. Large-Cap Equity

Passage Index Plus is an active strategy seeking to provide long-term capital appreciation by selecting between 25 and 40 stocks from the S&P 500 Index based on a proprietary quantitative model.

Passage Index Plus Fact Sheet